Sunday, August 2, 2015


After 6 months (?) I think I finally got on her to update anyone who reads this (aka my mom) I really wish I kept up with this but now with smart phones I do not get on the computer as much.

So life now...

Let's start with the boy...oh how I love having a boy! Not bc he is any more special than my girl (he really is haha totally kidding) but there is just something different. His love is rough and tumble yet so sweet. It is just a different ball game!
Waylon is 13 months old and boy from one side to the other. He started walking a little before he turned 1 so he beat his sisters. Which is no surprise b/c he is so physical. Talking is a different thing, they were full of words. W does a lot of grunting and growling and I love it!!
So to give a glimpse of my boy...he is always on the move, he hits and grabs anything with in his reach, he loves to makes mess, he is obsessed with bats and balls, he is starting to enjoy playing with cars, dirt might be the greatest thing ever in his eyes, he is loves his momma (and his momma is overly fond of him), he also loves to play with his dad, he is lost with out his sisters, he will throw anything that is in his hands at any moment (always be prepared), he is still a very very happy boy, life is just good for our buddy boy. He is very accident prone but most of the time the climbing and rough play do not lead to his injuries. He gets hurt falling while walking or doing something simple. He currently has bruised top gums from a walking accident (tripped on nothing) I just pray he gets through toddler hood with his mouth intact. I really do not want to deal with stitches or broken bones either but God will give me a calm heart if it does come to that. Thinking about it just makes me cringe right now. Lets talk happy...He seriously is such a joy. I love being his momma.
He is in his own room and has been for a couple months. Most nights he sleeps from 10ish (after an hour of nursing and cuddling) till 8ish so that is amazing! I love sleeping through the night. Right now he is off and on sometimes waking up once in the middle of the night to nurse or sometimes just cuddle.
Last week we were in Hatteras which through him off a bit and due to not nursing well he lost interest in the left side so now we are strictly nursing on the right side. Odd but my girls did that. Im struggling to get him to drink much out of a cup. He does know how it works just doesn't want anything from it. I pray he is getting enough from me but not much I can do. I can't force him to drink from a cup. During the day the nursing sessions are short, before lunch and dinner being the shortest. Morning and night are longer with night being the longest.
As for food...he eats everything! Which is so cool! Maybe I will get the eating right with one child.
I wish I could think of more but that is pretty good...

Miley....oh my Miley!
Nothing is new in saying she is a pistol but she really is coming into her own. She is so sassy yet seriously so sweet! Her biggest down fall as far as getting in trouble is terrorizing Tommi. She can drive her sister up a wall. Otherwise we really don't have to discipline her that much which is awesome! But she is still very opinionated and a hot mess! Her eating has yet to improve! So picky that I still find myself just praying she doesn't have damaging effects from how picky she is. I think she will be ok but I hope she will try new things soon. It is often she doesn't eat dinner and goes to bed with only a little snack before bed. She knows she is hungry bc she fusses about it but she has yet to turn the light on to if she tries dinner she will not feel that way.
Since last post she fully potty trained herself!!! Right around her birthday she just decided she was ready and did it quickly. Day and night with in a short period!
The passy also went away when she turned 3. We took her to build a bear and she put her last passys into a pony and that was it. She did amazing!!!
She is also moved in a room with Tommi in bunk beds and she did and is doing amazing with that.
So in the month of January/early February she grew up SO much!
I wish I could get her on film all the time bc the things that come out of this childs mouth leave us speechless and cracking up. She is hilarious!
Today she was doing "eeny meany miney mo" and she said "Get the peoples by the toe" instead of "catch a tiger by his tail" TJ and I seriously died laughing bc she was so serious and her little cartoon voice is too funny.
As we rode home from church this evening she said "Mommy when I was your age and you left me at school..." Ummm Miley I do not think you have ever been my age and you also have never been to school. She insisted this was true even with all the convincing that she has never been left at school...that she has never attended and she also has never been my age.
I seriously can't get enough of her! 25lbs of solid spunk and love!
I have decided not to start her in preschool this year b/c I am just too selfish and want her home as much as I can! I did ask her dr about doing speech but she didn't think we needed to do it yet so I'm not worry about it for now. big girl!
The school year went well over all but we did struggle at the end with lots of tears again b/c she struggles with change and with SOLs the normal aide in her class was not with them at lunch and Grandma couldn't visit as much at lunch either so she struggled. She is her mommas girl and doesn't like change. But she finish kindergarten strong and on a 2nd grade reading level!!! She is so stinking smart!
I really am praying for a great teacher for her for first grade and a wonderful year b/c she is not excited to go back and wants me to homeschool but I know she will rock it.
Not all that much has changed other than her getting older and wiser ugh! haha She reads everything and there is not hiding things from her. She also has quite the attitude which always has been but boy has it gotten tough. She is just smart and honestly brave. 6 is challenging me! We will get through!
She really is my biggest helper b/c she is such a mommy which is a curse and a blessing. B/c she looks after her siblings but also tries to mother them. I'm so thankful for her help!
We just had her 6 year check up and she is 47" and 47lbs! So almost 4ft tall! She is 50%tile across the board.
At the beginning of the summer I signed Tommi up for swim lessons with the hopes that she would not fear the water so much. She did far beyond my expectations! She was a pro and did so well learning to go underwater and learn how to swim on a basic level. If they offer lessons this fall I plan to sign her up again b/c she found so much confidence with having control in the water and we seriously could not have been more proud of her!
She lost her first tooth last week! It had been wiggly for a month and it finally was so loose it was driving me nuts so I asked her if I tried to pull on it and it hurt to just tell me and I would stop. Well with a tiny tug it was out and she was so thrilled!! The tooth fairy came and gave her $1.25. Her name is Glimmer Mist and the magic of it all has been so fun to watch. She shows everyone her little gap which is not so much a gap since her new tooth is already coming in haha It was already partially in when she lost the tooth.
Oh yeah! Tommi is now doing piano lessons and seems to like it a lot. She does get frustrated that she can't be perfect right away but I love watching her enjoy learning something new!
I feel like she is getting jipped in this update but being 6 (going on 16) there is less to report I guess haha

I seriously have been blessed with some amazing kids! They keep me so busy and frustrate me to the max but I could not be more blessed! I was made to be these kids momma and I am honored I was so blessed!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Proof I have 3 kids....I blogged and tracked everything with Tommi, a little less with Miley, and hardly anything with Waylon. Well ok that is not true...I keep track of important things but far less than Tommi.

So lets start with Waylon b/c he is just awesome. He seriously is the best kid ever. He is so happy and really goes with the flow. I am crazy in love with him! He is not perfect in the sleeping anymore but it is not as bad as Miley. He also doesn't like to sleep with me at night so I think that leads to better sleep for me. Everyone who meets him is instantly happier b/c his big whole face smile. He is working on the whole sitting up thing but so far he is not too sturdy. He is rolling both ways and some how prefers his belly now crazy. Still a chunky boy. He is seriously so solid...making carrying the carseat a blast. He loves his sisters so much and just loves to watch them.

Miley is well Miley. She is crazy! There is no slowing her down and she keeps us entertained with her antics. She still has such a baby cartoon voice. It leads to most people not being able to understand her. She is down to only passys in her bed. I'm still debating how I'm going to take them away. She is still so much of my baby. Potty training is a joke. She wants very little to do with it. I need to get serious and work on it bc I need her out of diapers! She is such a sweet little booger though and we are totally buds! Still so tiny but giant in personality.

Tommi is doing phenomenal in school. She is maturing a lot. We do see a lot of acting out at home but I think that is just b/c she has to sit and listen all day so she takes the bad out on us. I seriously can't believe she is in school all day. It is sad to be away from her so much. But she is thriving and we do fine so it is ok. She is not crying any more thank goodness but she still doesn't eat well. I found some granola/chia seed bars she likes so at least she gets something good. I seriously am so amazed and proud of her. She is reading and doing well in everything she does. Pretty incredible!

Life is good! We are finding our groove.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Lets start with school...we are starting week 7...holy cow!

So Tommi went 3 full weeks and then the 4th week she went Monday and Tuesday no problem. Wednesday morning she woke up and had some strange anxiety, said her stomach hurt, and wanted me to take her. So I agreed. I chalked it up to constipation. We got there a little late bc I had to round up all the troops but arrived as the announcements finished. She went to class no problem. We headed home and when I got home I sat down to put Waylon to sleep and got a phone call that Tommi had come to the nurse crying and was in the clinic with a 101 fever. WTH! So I picked her up. We got home and temp was 99. It never went back up and she didn't seem like she felt bad other than her stomach cramped every once in a while. So she stayed home Thursday also b/c she had the fever Wednesday at school. Friday she went to school and was fine.

Week 5 Tommi went to school Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday she woke up and her throat hurt but we didn't see anything so she went and about 1230 TJ got a call from his mom that Tommi had been laying her head down all morning and was crying at lunch. Her temp was 100. So TJ picked her up and brought her home. She laid on the couch all afternoon she was running a 99-100 fever. That night she went to bed and when I went in to turn her reading lights off she was burning up. Her fever was 104! All morning Thursday she was on the couch with a 100-101 temp and just seemed so noon her temp spiked to 103. She was whining of her stomach hurting, sore throat, and had no appetite. So I just felt the need to take her in to the dr. I gave her Tylenol at noon and after that she pepped up a bit. I was brave and took all 3 kids at naptime but felt she needed to be seen b/c I was fearing strep though we saw nothing in her throat. Well the dr said there was nothing to swab in her throat so she said despite her thoughts it was not strep. So she did a test for mono...a blood test...yes not fun! Well it came back as mono...meaning it is a virus so there is nothing that we can do but we at least knew. So she is supposed to be out of contact sports for 3 weeks due to possible enlarged spleen and if hit it can rupture. So she ran a low temp Thursday evening of 100. But we never gave meds b/c she was comfortable. That was her last temp. So it was a quick one. The dr said we would probably not know if Waylon or Miley got it b/c it is so minor in littler kids. But good news is she is done with mono and will never have to worry about it again.

Week 6
We had major anxiety and tears ALL week.
I took her Monday morning and she cried and clung to me begging me not to leave her. THAT WAS SO HARD!!!
The rest of the week she would cry when she left me, cry when she left Barbara, lunch time, and many times through out the day. So there was lots of emails with teacher and just convo with everyone wondering what could be going on. My heart broke so much for her.

Week 7
Monday-NO TEARS! Thank you Jesus. Praying the rest of the week will be great. I think as of now she just had so much anxiety about going back and ending up not feeling good again and I wouldn't be there. She said this morning "I cant do this" and "My stomach hurts too bad to go" but she went and did well. At bedtime again she said "I can't do this" but I know she will do great.

Week 5 was a tough on b/c that Monday on the way to town Miley started throwing up. Ugh! She threw up a couple times in the car and didn't eat anything but apple sauce on Monday or Tuesday. But she was fine after that. That Sunday she had eaten a bunch of nuts and that is all she was throwing up with a tiny bit of liquid and they were hardly chewed up. So not sure if a bug made her sick or the nuts but it was a crappy week.

Tommi is growing up and showing so much maturity and amazing me with all she is learning in school.

Miley is a pistol as always and has us cracking up all the time!

Waylon is still amazing! He has his little moments of fussing here and there but seriously he is the most amazing child ever. He is so happy and content most of the time. I am just in awe of him! He is perfection!

Now if I can get into a routine and catch up on house work I will be doing much better. But that is life and I am loving it...well feeling disappointed in myself but I'll be good! My kids are awesome!

Tommi did start soccer the other week and she is such a hoot. She just runs around and cheers, rarely touching the ball but she LOVES it! She is getting better but as long as she loves it and is working up a good sweat, I could care less if she is just the cheerleader.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School is in session...

So we are officially going into day 4 of school...

My life is already so different. I kinda feel lost during the day b/c I have 2 little kids and no "bigger kid" conversation. I have found Miley is easier with out Tommi around b/c she is not constantly on edge that someone is going to do her wrong. I have enjoyed our time together already.

So how did it go? How is it going?

Day 1- Dispite staying up till 11 pm the night before due to excitement (yes she was in her bed!) Tommi woke up with bells on. SOOOO ready. We made pancakes but she didn't eat. So we went to school and she was ready but wanted me to hold her hand as we walked to class...gladly my sweet girl, gladly. So I held it together...until I stepped out of the room. I lost it to say the least...I think I even scared some kids. I was a total mess! I got to my van and was losing really was so sad. I felt like my heart was just ripped out, like I was giving my baby away. I seriously thought about going in and saying "Never mind, I can't do this." I called my mom who helped a lot. By the time I got home I felt much better.
By the afternoon I was SOOO anxious to get her back. She came home bouncing off the walls. She loved school as expected. She made friends and was thrilled with it all.

Day 2- A bit tougher to wake up. But she was asleep by 845pm so that should have helped. No tears. She led me to her class. She said it was a good day. Still very excited about it.

Day 3- Still not liking getting up but was asleep by 815pm the night before so we are getting used to this earlier bed time. But ready for school! No tears and she ran ahead of me to class.
After school the helper didn't trust Tommi when she said she was supposed to go to her grandmothers classroom so they stuck her in the cafeteria and she cried but of course grandma got her but she was a bit shaken b/c she didn't like the change of routine. But the teacher is aware and will make sure it doesn't happen again.

The first day she ate a little at lunch but ate the rest on the way home. The 2nd day she ate a little at lunch, someone else ate some of her food before leaving school, snacked a little on the way home but had food left. Day 3 she came home with a full lunch box minus her chocolate chip muffins. She doesn't eat much breakfast, barely snacks, then doesn't eat lunch. It is crazy but I'm hoping it is a phase.

I'm settling into routine. The early wake up is tough b/c Waylon likes to stay up late then I need me time so I don't get a lot of sleep but hopefully with time he will get into routine and we will do better.

I hate her being gone all day but it is nice to see how much she loves it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Not ready for school

Well Tommi starts school in a week and a half and I'm SO not ready.

I'm not ready to not be in control and take care of her all the time. To not be there to have her back all the time. I'm not ready for her to have to eat lunch with out my help.

I'm just plain not ready. She is such a tender soul, though she is tough as nails. I just hope she is nice to everyone b/c in a new situations she sometimes lashes out.

I know she is REALLY ready. Not only b/c she is smart and needs more of a challenge but b/c she is ready for new friends and the lessons of life.

She is really excited and I am really excited for her. The distance will be good (esp since she has a major tude now!) but I will be counting the minutes till she comes back to me and tells me all about it!!!!

I have such mixed emotions but ready or not here it comes and I will take the bull by the horns and this will be good!

I am loving the back to school shopping for supplies and clothes! Plus I can't wait to go see her new classroom and all the fun school stuff that goes with it! I used to love going in to find my desk and the newness of friends and meeting the teacher!

This WILL be good and God promised to see me through so he will!

Miley passy

As of last week we started limiting Miley's passys to bed and the car. She has done amazing...especially for an addict. She asks everyonce in a while but is so good about putting it in the bowl in the morning and leaving it in the car! Thank you Jesus.

We will have to take it away totally soon but for now this is amazing. She seems like she has grown up so much and is a lot less whiney!

The first day she picked up one of Waylon's passys and I said "What are you doing?" She said "Just trying it out for a little while." wow

Then the other day she said "I need a passy to cover my lips."

This girl is a ham and seriously has us cracking up all the time.

My spunky girl for sure!

7 weeks

Well Waylon has been here for over 7 weeks feels like he was just born.

He is still a dream baby! He is so laid back and just goes with the flow. He seriously fits right in! He eats, sleeps, poops, observes, smiles, and snuggles. It is a dream come true. I am crazy in love with be expected but it still amazes me everytime how much you can love another human who really has no "true" personality.

He eats every 2-4 hours then kinda cluster feeds for an hour at night after the girls go to bed. Then he goes to his bed and sleeps till around 3, snacks, then is back down till 6 ish, snacks, then back to bed till usually around 9. It is AWESOME! Night time before bed is his most demanding time b/c he just wants to nurse and snuggle. But he sleep all night in his own bed.
I co-slept with the girls and loved the snuggles but I think I am much happier with a child who stays in his bed. If he was a demanding newborn like the girls, he would be in my bed but he likes his bed. So that is a win-win for us all!

He is the noisiest little sleeper. He makes noises all the time.

He weighed 11lbs 14oz as of last Thursday at 6 weeks! So he is my big boy still!

His eyes are still a dark blue so we will see if that changes.

He LOVES to be outside and it has been really pretty and mild lately so that is so nice that he can get some good outside time.

The girls are still goo-goo over him. Tommi holds him a lot and most of the time he will just cuddle up and sleep in her arms, even if I hand him to her awake. He is SO good about just falling asleep when held it is awesome. The girls LOVE to talk to him and ask about him immediately when they get up. Miley LOVES to kiss him. She also still calls him "baby Hug-o" sometimes but most of the time he is "Yalen baby" She shows him to everyone and tells anyone who is around "That my baby brother" It is awesome. Tommi of course loves to show him off too. She is so proud of him! They both say he is their baby :) Poor guy has so much love he is smothered.

He is not a big carseat fan but not bad. He doesn't like to sleep in it much but is quiet and will fade in and out during the day if we are out. But night driving with him is horrible. He screams until you take him out and then he is totally content. If it was not dangerous I would totally just hold him in the car b/c he is happy in my arms...always!

He started smiling last week and though it is only once or twice a day it is so awesome!

When put on his tummy he just lays his head down. He honestly doesn't even try to look around. But when holding him upright on my shoulder he is all eyes everywhere and lifting his head to look if I have him on my chest. I think he is just lazy and doesn't want to have to work so he just chills. Plus his head is heavy!

I made him max out his newborns so he just moved to 0-3 months all the time but he won't be in them long. Some are getting pretty tight.

He is my perfect little man! Seriously crazy in love!